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Consoletronics :: Xbox360 :: Unlocked PCB for DG-16D4S LiteOn Slim Drives ,

Unlocked PCB for DG-16D4S LiteOn Slim Drives ,
Unlocked PCB for DG-16D4S LiteOn Slim Drives , 
As DG-16D5S drive has become main stream , this unlocked replacement PCB designed for DG-16D4S drives is surely fadding out. However, there are still plenty of Xbox360 slim with DG-16D4S drive on fw 0225, 0401 and 1071 around. They are suitable to be drive modded with LT+3.0 firmware. If you do not wish to spend more money for the X360key installed,  this unlocked PCB is a great solution for you while the price for the PCB and installation have just been dropped significantly. For a limited quantity we are now offering $79 for the unlocked PCB and installation.
Customers liked this $79 offer can bring the Xbox to our store to have it installed. Price listed here ( $69 ) dose not include installation.


Mods Available


Mods Available

dash >,= 15572   

drive mod/x360key

dash >,= 15572

No mod available

dash <15572

drive mod/x360key/rgh

dash <15572

rgh/x360key via rgh

There are 2 versions of Xbox slim released so far. the ones with 12V/10.83A power rating called Trinity, most of these xbox are equipped with LiteOn DG-16D4S drives.
The ones with 12V/9.6A power rating are called Corona. theses Xbox often have DG-16D5S or Hitachi drives that currently can't be modified yet. If the dashboard version of these xbox are lower than 15572, the only method to mod the xbox is RGH or installing X360key via RGH. Because there is no way to read the key from those drives, rgh is required to get the dvd key and relevant files in order to install X360key.
Feaatures of the unlocked PCB:
* Fits all Liteon DG-16D4S Drives
* Custom Designed Board - It's not a 1:1 copy
* No Solder Design !
* Fully compatible with 9504, 0225, 0401 and 1071 fw revisions
* Write Protect enable / disable feature
* Simply swap out the old board with your new board and you are good to go!
* Easily programmable using the X360USB PRO or compatible SATA setup.

Weight 0.10 kg
Price: AUD 69.00
including GST 10.00%


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